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We provide fixed-rate services to prepare divorce application, supporting you and your loved ones during this transition.

Divorce & Separation

The irretrievable breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship is a confusing and emotional time. We understand that divorce can represent an end to a part of your family history.

Our goal is to minimise the anxiety and reduce the cost of prolonged legal disputes by facilitating agreements on separation terms and post-divorce arrangements.

With compassion and care, we handle the paperwork so you can focus on what matters most – finding closure and moving forward.

At Noosa & Hinterland Family Lawyers we will assist you by helping to reduce the very real stress and concern about the practical aspects including:

How We Can Help

We can provide you with some initial advice in helping you focus on the next steps.

Our initial advice can help you plan for the future, with the following:

  • How documents relating to the divorce will be served upon the other party. Especially in circumstances where a spouse may have moved a long way away. Or may have chosen not to disclose their new address.
  • Understanding limitation periods for any proposed property applications.
  • Whether or not you would be required to attend a hearing about your divorce.
  • What a Decree Nici is and when a divorce becomes final.

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