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Family Dispute Resolution

During the turmoil of family breakdown couples may experience difficulty identifying, discussing and agreeing on matters that will significantly change the lives of their children. Family Dispute Resolution is the term used to describe impartial and independent family mediation services that assist couples to make agreements following separation and divorce.

The Family Dispute Resolution Conference is designed to assist separated couples to identify the issues in dispute and to negotiate terms for a parenting plan for their children and/or agreements for the distribution of property. These agreements can then be used to generate enforceable Orders by Consent.

It is now mandatory that parties participate in a Family Dispute Resolution conference facilitated by a qualified and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. This conference is an alternative solution to Court proceedings.
The goals of the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner are to reduce the intensity and duration of disputes, and to arrive at mutually agreed solutions pursuant to the Family Law Act.

Following the conference the Practitioner will issue each participant with a Section 60i Certificate under the Family Law Act.

If Family Dispute Resolution fails to bring about agreement between parties you will need the Section 60i Certificate before your matter can proceed to Court.

Please note, exceptions to mandatory Family Dispute Resolution occur when there is concern for the safety of individuals or property or where the matter is urgent, for example, a Recovery Order.

How Will I Benefit from Family Dispute Resolution?

Our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners facilitate negotiations during family mediation conferences to enable both parties to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome by agreement.

The benefits of Family Dispute Resolution include:

  • Control over the process and outcome.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Private and flexible arrangements with online and separate conference room options.
  • Confidential with information only shared with the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.
  • Collaboration with the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner whose role is to be an impartial mediator that listens to both sides and assists both parties to come to agreements.
  • Outcomes that can be filed with the Court.

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