Fees & Prices

About our Fees & Prices

We offer flexible payment options – hourly consulting for specialised guidance, flat rates for essential documents, and options to access legal finance to ease financial burdens amidst transitions.

Our invoices are generated by QCIS to ensure certainty and transparency. 

Following an initial free 30 minute consultation allowing us to assess your needs, we provide a personalised quote outlining potential pathways, whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation if necessary.

With transparency around cost estimates each step, our goal is settling matters in your best interest while minimising disputes.

We aim to relieve stress, not increase it, during challenging times. Our payment structures reflect this compassionate approach.

Contact us to confidentially discuss customised solutions.

Hourly Rates

We offer hourly billing  options.

Fixed Fees

We provide fixed fee options for the preparation of Consent Orders or for divorce matters so you have the security of certainty.

When Money is Tight

Access to Legal Finance through Plenti Finance.


Helping You and Your Family Move Forward Following Separation

With our expert advice and legal strategies, you’ll be in a much better position.