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Family Law matters can be emotionally challenging, and the legal complexities that often arise can add to the stress. Whether you’re dealing with orders or arrangements by consent, divorce, parenting disputes, family property settlements, spousal maintenance, the recovery of a child or any other family-related legal matters, we are here to guide you through the process with empathy, and expertise for the duration of your matter.

Our aim is to assist you and your family to move forward in a positive way following separation.

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You can rely on experience when it comes to planning the right pathway to resolve your matter. We deliver sensible advice with compassion and expertise.

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We provide a customised legal strategy and services at competitive rates to relieve financial pressure during challenging transitions.

Favourable & Fair Outcomes

With insight and integrity, we strive to negotiate beneficial agreements that serve the best interests of you and your family.

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Senior Associate Solicitor

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Special Counsel

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Special Counsel

Kiara Cartwright

Graduate at Law

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An Experienced and Compassionate Team

Legal Representation

Our experienced Senior Lawyers have each spent more than ten years focusing specifically on all aspects of family law, some considerably longer.
Your experienced senior family lawyer will apply their experience to navigating you efficiently through the family law experience in a cost effective and commercially viable way with sensible advise while ensuring you are afforded the best available options to work collaboratively.

Your Experience

Getting to know each client and each family situation is important to us. We have families, we value yours. We will find the right pathway and the right options to ensure that your situation is resolved in the most appropriate way for your family situation.

Experienced Advocates, Skilled Negotiators

We are family lawyers and family mediators. We use our developed legal and negotiation skills to reduce the costs ordinarily associated with protracted matters.

We have the experience to skilfully orders to be settled by consent or decided by a judge, orders to be negotiated during a mediation or binding agreements and parenting orders.

The best interests of our clients and their children are our primary focus.

The Completion and Preparation of Family Law Documents

Our staff are experienced in the completion of all family law documents and can assist you with your navigation of the family law system, court attendances and any other detail relating to family law that would otherwise cause distress for an individual attempting to navigate this process alone. This is what we do everyday, we are ready to assist you when you need us the most.


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Divorce Guide

This Divorce Guide is designed to assist you with preparing an application for divorce in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia pursuant to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth).

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Helping You and Your Family Move Forward Following Separation

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